The company

The success story of the company, which started with two men and quickly grew into one of the leading service providers in project, start-up and quality management, began with the birth of DG in September 2009.

“The idea of providing exceptional service and unifying customers and suppliers as partners in the project has been our top priority right from the start. We have grown and developed continuously under our motto  ‘interlocking experience’ without losing sight of the goal.”

Harry Grunwald (one of the managing directors and founders of DG Projekt GmbH).

DG has had the opportunity to work with renowned customers from the very beginning.

The rented premises in Leinfelden-Echterdingen were inadequate after five years, and the “Technology House” in Fellbach became the new company location. At 750 sqm, there is also sufficient room for growth.

The founders, Thomas Deuschle and Harry Grunwald, are still actively involved in the company’s business and assist employees with their many years of experience.

Philosophy - Interlocking experience

We have respect for the performance and experience of all participants at the beginning and in every other stage of technical and organizational cooperation.

Experience and openness for new developments are not mutually exclusive. We feel comfortable with the tension between these two aspects and grow to meet challenges.

We position ourselves as a mediator between different temperaments by persistently focusing on the common goal: the best possible results. Consistently focused on the goal. Our goal is completely satisfied customers.

Social commitment

We want all children in the world to have the same opportunities. That’s why we support children throughout the world. In our immediate surroundings as well as in Malawi and Mali.

We support:

  • World Vision Deutschland e.V.
  • Zur Patenwebsite von Thomas Deuschle
  • Zur Patenwebsite von Harry Grunwald
  • Kinder- und Jugendhospizdienst Pusteblume
  • Monkey Cross des RKV Kirchheim unter Teck
  • TSV Schmiden 1902 e.V.
  • DKMS
  • Die Aktion „Weihnachten im Schuhkarton“
  • Caritasverband für Stuttgart e.V.


Professional exchange and the constant development of our expertise are important pillars for our success. We can support our customers optimally in their projects only if we have solid expertise. That’s why our memberships and knowledge-sharing are especially important to us.

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